Ladies in White violently attacked yesterday by Castro State Security Sin Miedo has a report from Jose D. Ferrer in Cuba that sixteen Ladies in White and other opposition members were attacked and brutally beaten yesterday by agents of Castro State Security upon exiting a church sanctuary.

My translation:

Message from José D. Ferrer regarding the injuries and consequences of the violence perpetrated against the Ladies in White and other opposition members at El Cobre – 17th of July, 9:56 AM

Listen without fear

Upon exiting the El Cobre sanctuary, 16 Ladies in White and Ladies of Support were assaulted by the Political Police and their paramilitary groups. Lady in White Belkis Cantillo Ramirez suffered an injury to her arm. Others were also brutally beaten. Tania Montoya and Rodaisa Corrioso were detained. The opposition members who tried to escape the savage attack were also beaten. Prudencio Villalon was knocked unconscious. The three were detained by the political police. Thirteen of our women found themselves receiving medical attention at the Ambrosio Grillo Hospital. They beat them with umbrellas, stones, and other objects. It is not known what was used to injure Belkis Cantillo, who was bleeding profusely.

For more information call Aimee at +5352767799.

This is José Daniel Ferrer García speaking, a former prisoner of conscience.

End of message.

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  1. Unbelievable how the courageous Ladies in White continue to be the victims of constant physical abuse and yet, this is barely reported by in the media. One only hears of this in the Cuban-American blogsphere. No NYT’s coverage, etc… [They’re too busy writing on travel to Cuba], yet, the far “left” Mothers de la Plaza de Mayo who were to my knowledge allowed to peacefully march and were never pummeled, punched, dragged, knocked unconscious or detained were constantly written about, covered on the evening news and eventually received a Nobel Prize.

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