Chavez has 50% of surviving, 100% chance of being a despot

Things do not look good for either Chavez, or the Venezuelan people under his dictatorial rule.

Roger Noriega at the American Enterprise Institute:

Venezuela Without Chavez

Doctors treating Venezuelan leader Hugo Chávez for cancer told him weeks ago that he has only a 50 percent chance of living another 18 months, according to sources close to his medical team in Cuba.  Members of Chávez’s inner circle are scrambling now to ensure a succession of power to the leader’s older brother, Adán.

With the ailing dictator off the political stage for at least two months, civic leaders can jumpstart a transition by laying out a constructive plan for addressing the country’s growing crises.  This task is even more urgent, because regime insiders have begun to quietly mobilize their campaign team in case they need to ambush the opposition by rushing to presidential elections, which are now set for December 2012.

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