Of Chicken Littles, Leaders, and Falling Ceilings

Debt talks with Obama collapsed today as Speaker of The House Boehner walked out. It really is pathetic, when you think about it, that that was a good thing. But it is where we are, and where we must be at this point in our history, the underbelly of creeping socialism…

One is trying to push the ceiling up higher as the flood waters rise. The other is trying to make sure the house doesn’t wash away.

I think it’s less the sky is falling and more the foundation is about to crumble.

3 thoughts on “Of Chicken Littles, Leaders, and Falling Ceilings”

  1. I would like someone to check out if what I read is true about the suggestion of the gang of six that capital gains taxes be raised from 15% to 28%. If that is part of any republican deal, then count me out as a supporter.
    I think the senate should have said we have a deal on the table called Cut Cap and Balance and left it at that. Since we are going to lose anyway, let’s ask for the moon and lose.
    I hope there is no deal and I hope the public blames the president and company. But I dream…

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