Has Cuba become a Toxic waste dump for Lexington Institute benefactor, Sherritt International?

Sherrit CEO Ian Delaney chumming it up with business chum


From Lincoln Diaz Balart:

“The Canadian Mining company Sherrit International has long been extracting Nickel from Cuba’s Holguin province and transporting it to Canada for processing. I have information that the chemical by-products–the toxic waste–is then returned to Cuba and dumped on her land and waters in exchange for dollars. The Canadians thus save huge sums of money in circumventing Canada’s environmental laws for the processing of toxic waste. I’m unaware of any other government (except Cuba’s) that engages in such environmental prostitution. The damage done to Cuba, her people, and her future generations is incalcuable. I’m sure that the Canadians complicit in this crime as partners with the Cuban dictatorship will have to answer–not only morally–but also legally, when Cuba re-establishes the rule of law.”

Entire disclosure (in Spanish) here by Lincoln Diaz-Balart.

Needless to add, some outfits gleefully and repeatedly issued Cuban visas view the matter differently:

“Some experts (emphasis by intransigent poster) say Fidel Castro’s environmental policies may be among his greatest achievements.”

“I think the Cuban government can take a substantial amount of credit for landscape, flora, and fauna preservation,” said Jennifer Gebelein, a professor at (you are not going to believe where she professes!) Florida International University in Miami who studies environmental issues in Cuba. ”

Above expertise from National Geographic.

And regarding this post’s title mentioning The Lexington Institute.

(Sherritt) has given money to a former CIA and State Department employee, Phil Peters, to advance its interests. The money to Peters goes through contributions to the Lexington Institute, where Peters is a Vice-President. Because the Lexington Institute is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, there is no public record of Sherritt’s funding. This has allowed Peters to advise and direct the Working Group in ways beneficial to Sherritt while presenting himself to the Group as an objective think-tank scholar with a specialization in Cuba.”

1 thought on “Has Cuba become a Toxic waste dump for Lexington Institute benefactor, Sherritt International?”

  1. This is nothing new. I don’t know if the regime is still doing this, but it used to allow Eastern European Tankers to, also, dump their toxic waste in Havana Harbor in exchange for extra dollars.

    Castro/the castro’s see Cuba as nothing more than a vehicle to sustain themselves in power. If the entire island falls to pieces, so be it. They’ve, already, certainly inflicted a mortal wound in the country by destroying the country demographically, culturally, historically and even environmentally.

    Evidently, castro doesn’t love Cuba, nor has he ever felt Cuban. It’s a shame that those around him do nothing to stop him, for there must be some people around him–despite the wretchedness of that regime– that at least have some patriotic love for their country.

    And the Canadians, I have no words for the way that they have treated Cuba. If ever there was a country that adds credence to the saying, “de arbol caido, todo el mundo toma len~a,” its the Canadians.

    The saying–that is self-explicatory– is roughly translated as:

    “Everyone takes lumber from a fallen tree.”

    I’ll never forgive how the Canadians have purchased so much Cuban patrimony–confiscated by castro from Cuban families and sold via Christies and Sotheby’s auction houses.

    This is no different than the complicit Europeans who taking advantage of a terrible situation, purchased works of art stolen from Jewish families during WWII.

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