The Spanish Civil War: 75 years later

Journalist and friend Victor Gaetan takes a look at the 75th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War.

Spanish Civil War: 75 Years Later

Church and society still feeling the effects of brutal, convulsive conflict. — On July 17, Catholic churches in Spain marked with sadness and prayer the 75th anniversary of a brutal, convulsive, three-year conflict. For the Catholic Church, the Spanish Civil War was a low point in a century with a lot of lows.

When Pope Benedict XVI meets with hundreds of thousands of young people gathered in Spain next month for this year’s celebration of World Youth Day, he will encounter a Spain that was deeply influenced by the war, three quarters of a century earlier.

“I was 6 years old in July 1936 when the war started,” remembers Ismael Virto, a U.S. representative of Spain’s University of Navarra. “There was a knock on the door, and it was the militia — self-appointed men and women, Spanish people, with guns.”

“They said, ‘Give arms to the people!’ Our house was modest, a middle-class house in the city of Valencia, which was controlled by the socialists. Why did this gang come to us? My father had a car, which was a problem — for us,” Virto continued.

“So, the militia searched our house. They took whatever weapons we had, a hunting gun and some ceremonial swords. But then they saw it and knew we were dangerous: My grandfather had a life-sized crucifix in his bedroom. And to these guys, the Church was their enemy,” Virto explained.

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  1. And the assassination of thousands at the hands of the communists at Paracuellos del Jarama in 1936 is still waiting for justice. The man responsible, or certainly one of the men responsible, is Santiago Carrillo, who’s been living quite nicely in Spain for years now and will almost certainly die of mere old age. He naturally denies guilt, but the point is he’s been let off the hook as if the matter were a minor indiscretion. Socialism DOES work, for some people.

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