A Portrait of the UNSPEAKABLE(!!!) Dictator(!!!) as a Young Man

Fulgencio Batista as young soldier.

Havana’s high society insults the “uppity mulatto” by denying him entry into their Yacht Club. So Batista goes home and sulks. Cuba’s High Society snickers and parties–then continues running their life perfectly normally, running their businesses, keeping the fruits of their labors, traveling, spreading Herbert Matthews’ articles about Castro throughout their milieu to great kudus and merriment, helping fund the Julio 26 Movement, etc. etc.

Can you imagine any club insulting Fidel Castro in even a quasi-similar manner and continuing “life as usual.”?

So who’s the “dictator?”…Well let’s ask the MSM! They sure use that term a lot for ONE of the above…


(H/T Nuevo Accion)

5 thoughts on “A Portrait of the UNSPEAKABLE(!!!) Dictator(!!!) as a Young Man”

  1. Now, now, now Humberto! Stop being such a reactionary, right-winger! According to the New York Times and most of the American MSM, fidel is a president and Batista was a dictator, so then logic follows that Batista must have been worst than fidel!

  2. Batista killed between 2,000-20,000 Cubans. However not to be topped, Fidel shot 14,000 and then made 90,000 drown themselves or be eaten by sharks.
    Take that Mulatto!

  3. Mr. Mojito, you’re underestimating castro! You forgot to factor in the 50,000 Cubans that died in foreign wars when they were sent in as mercenaries and cannon fodder for the Russians. Castro used to pay off his foreign debt to the Russians who used to give him 5 to 6 billion a year by involving Cubans in wars that had nothing to do with them. These wars only served to spread Soviet imperialism. And you forgot to factor in the untold number of Cubans that have died in prisons from beatings and lack of medical attention. That number is difficult to estimate, but we do have numerous examples of high profile Cubans like Boitel and Zapata that did die under those circumstances.

    By the way, think in proportion to its size. Americans made a big stink about 50,000 Americans dying in Vietnam, but we are a country of well over 200,000,000, compare that to Cuba with only 11,000,000!

    Oh, and I would be hesitant to say that up to 20,000 Cubans died under Batista. Don’t forgot that the 20,000 figure was an invention of the publisher of Bohemia Magazine who admitted in a suicide note that he made that number up.

  4. Batista`s greatest sin……..was to have that SOB(Castro) in his clutches and then giving him pardon.
    26 of July,1953 Fidels orders the attack on Moncada Barracks and miraculously get “lost”(?) in a City that he knows like the back of his hand while the attack takes place.

  5. Jeez. He looks like somebody out of Madonna’s Vogue video in that photo. But, in his first stint as president (1940-44), he was perfectly legitimate (far more than Castro has ever been), as he was elected fair and square. The problem came in 1952 when he overthrew the weak and ineffectual, not to mention corrupt, government of Prio (who fled without even trying to resist). At least technically, Batista won the presidential election held in 1954, so some people argue that he was legitimate from then on. The presidential election of 1958, the last and best chance for a political solution to the Batista problem, was furiously opposed and undermined by Castro, who wanted no solution but himself, and most of the political class cooperated with sabotaging it, even though there was an excellent candidate running, Marquez-Sterling (Batista himself was not a candidate, though one of his people was). In any case, absolutely anyone who calls Batista dictator and does not call Castro that is automatically discredited as a hypocrite at best, and certainly as a purveyor of bad faith.

    And that 20,000 figure was a gross fabrication, inflated by about a factor of 10. In other words, it was a malicious lie which has been debunked, albeit too late. I’m sure Humberto has the details.

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