How ‘people-to-people’ contacts help finance the Castro regime’s military complex

Via Capitol Hill Cubans:

“People-to-People” Support for MINFAR
This month, the Castro regime hosted a briefing for Latin American journalists to boast about its tourism industry.

Amongst its “successes,” it highlighted that “thirteen foreign hotel chains are in charge of the administration of 28,854 rooms total, by means of 65 management contracts with national companies Cubanacan, Gran Caribe and Gaviota.”

For those that don’t follow Cuba closely, Cubanacan, Gran Caribe and Gaviota are companies entirely owned and operated by the Castro regime’s military (Ministerio de la Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias, MINFAR).

So when the Treasury Department issues “people-to-people” licenses to Abercrombie and Kent, and other similar travel providers, that offer “exclusive accommodations at Cuba’s best hotels” (11 days for $4,325 per person) — they are directly contributing to MINFAR’s bottom line.

Thus, the Cuban “people” being directly supported by such travel are General Raul Castro, General Julio Casas Regueiro, General Aberlardo Colome Ibarra, General Ramiro Valdes, Coronel Alejandro Castro Espin, Coronel Luis Alberto Rodriguez Lopez-Calleja and the rest of the Castro clan’s nefarious repressive forces.

Is that the intent of Obama’s “people-to-people” travel policy?

We hope not — but sadly, it’s a very real consequence.