Misinformation on home sales in Castro’s Cuba: The Miami Herald keeps the streak alive

In yesterday’s Miami Herald, an article appeared written by reporter Mimi Whitefield regarding the Castro regime’s expected decision to allow Cubans to purchase and sell their homes. As in all the articles I have seen regarding this farcical “reform,” Whitefield and the Herald irresponsibly neglected to make even a passing mention of the fact that Cubans on the island, who make on average $20 per month and are prohibited by the dictatorship to legally accumulate wealth, will never be able to afford a purchase of a home on their own. It is an incredibly pertinent fact that is conspicuously missing from practically every single article regarding this “reform” by the dictatorship of Raul Castro.

Apparently, the Miami Herald did not want to break this dubious streak of misreporting and the omission of important facts, and has decided to keep the streak of misinformation alive. And if that were not bad enough, the editors came up with this sensationalist headline:

Home sales would be a sea change for Cuba

Believe it or not, there are still people who wonder why we criticize the Miami Herald so much. The only explanation I can come up with is that these people get their news from the Miami Herald.

1 thought on “Misinformation on home sales in Castro’s Cuba: The Miami Herald keeps the streak alive”

  1. Of course ordinary Cubans on the island can’t afford this. They’re not supposed to. The money is meant to come from Cubans abroad, and it will, or enough of it will. Yet another way to get the presumed enemies of Castro, Inc. to continue keeping Castro, Inc. in business, a job they’ve been doing quite reliably for quite some time. Same dog, different collar. Chalk up another victory for emotional manipulation and sentimental blackmail. It may not be admirable, but the shit works like a charm.

    As for the Herald, it’s scarcely even worth notice anymore. It’s like a turd locked into its turdness, and rather than waste time expecting it to transcend its fecal nature, we should just flush the thing and be done with it.

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