Rep. Loretta Sanchez Dumps on Rednecks

Chicana Rep. Loretta Sanchez with Ramon Castro in Havana

The fact that Tea Party conservatism speaks with a pronounced Southern drawl may have escaped the attention of the mainstream media, but it is obvious to members of Congress who have to try to work with these disproportionately-Southern fanatics. One is Rep. Loretta Sanchez of California. As a guest on a radio show, she mocked the Southern accent of the typical congressional Tea Party caucus member:

The congresswoman, who represents Anaheim and other parts of Orange County, laughed and said she knows how to get along with people. Then she used a mock Southern accent to describe how conversations with them play out.

“Hey what’s your name? ‘My name is M-o-e,'” Sanchez said, feigning a Southern drawl that drew howls of laughter from Miller and her co-host. “Ok Moe. Moe-ster, how you doing baby? What are we going to do today? What’s your interest? What can we work on together?”

“‘Well, it’s unconstitutional,” she said, using her faux Southern accent.

Can you even BEGIN to imagine a white Republican legislator mocking a Black or Mexican accent on a radio show–without a peep from the MSM? Without being sentenced to sensitivity-counseling by a lynch mob from the Democratic/MSM complex? Without La Raza, Carlos Santana, Eva Longoria, Al Sharpton, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc. jumping all over ’em?


6 thoughts on “Rep. Loretta Sanchez Dumps on Rednecks”

  1. Humberto, this just shows how bigoted the left really is. So all Tea Party members are die hard old time racist heavily accented racist KKK southern good-ole boys. Actually these historically were democrats, but hey, don’t let the facts get in the way of an agenda. The truth is, there is a Tea Party in Southern California, and in other states that are not all white, and some have accents, as in their native language was Spanish, not English. The Tea Party is a party of patriotic Americans who are fighting for a return to governance within the confines of the CONSTITUTION! We are united in our cause, and skin color, and ethnic background doesn’t count. Is the majority of Tea Partiers white? I haven’t counted, but I think the answer is yes. That doesn’t make it racist, just ask Allen West. Also, I wonder, how many whites are members of the Congressional Black Caucus? What would happen if there was a Congressional White Caucus? Reverse Racism? No, that conversation is not allowed.

    These people are scum.

  2. She sounds more phony than a three-dollar bill, manipulative as hell, and generally low class (which has nothing to do with money). Can anybody say hypocrite with a Mexican accent? Or would that be too redundant? When somebody this clearly undistinguished and undignified can get into national office, there is a serious problem, especially since she’s definitely not an isolated case. But I’m sure Maxine Waters and Barney Frank like her, so it’s OK.

  3. Look at the photo. I can imagine her thinking; “If I’m nice enough to this old geezer, maybe he can get me a photo-op with Fidel. I could put it next to my Che poster. Totally awesome!”

  4. Loretta must be a role model for that fat-assed Cuban Obama groupie who had the Che flag in her office. Ugh.

  5. This is the same lady(?) that attacked the Vietnamese-American Candidate opposing her in the last election as …”that Vietnamese”
    I guess Democrat Liberals visiting The Castro`s is like going to Mecca for others.

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