El Maleconazo: 17 years later

Seventeen years ago today thousands of Cubans took to the streets in protest of the misery and oppression they are forced to live in by the regime of the tyrannical and despotic Castro brothers. On that day, the Castro dictatorship came close to losing control and power, but the repressive forces of the regime managed to violently take back control of the streets and quell the uprising.

The situation in Cuba today is no different from the situation back then, and like a powder keg, it will only take one spark to ignite social upheaval and the end of the Castro brothers’ monarchical reign.

3 thoughts on “El Maleconazo: 17 years later”

  1. I regret to inform you that the powder keg is unlikely to ignite. That’s what all the visas, trips (both ways), and remittances are for, and they’re doing a fine job. As long as Cubans keep looking to the US or abroad instead of internally, precious little will happen internally. That’s essentially Mexico’s problem, or certainly a big part of it: instead of tackling the internal mess, it keeps trying to evade it by dumping as many Mexicans as possible on the US so they will no longer be Mexico’s problem and will, instead, become sources of revenue by sending money and goods back to Mexico. Welcome to the Mexican Model.

  2. Asombra, as much as I would like to say otherwise, I whole-heartedly agree with you.

    The Castros have been the most successful crew of dictators on this planet, outside of North Korea. They have ripped to shreds and spat on the Cuban soul, and have buried it six feet under. They won their battle a thousand times over. The people in Cuba today have the mentality of a ‘third-world’ nation, not the ‘free-spirited’ Cubans of the 1950’s-60’s. That era/generation ended when it was killed and buried with the Mariel exodus of 1980!

    What is left is nothing more than just a few brave souls, who despite the enormous odds, try to fight in the world of ideas and free thought. The majority of the population has been “CASTRATED”, which is why you don’t see any street demonstrations.

    The only ones with the cojones to march out in the streets are the few brave souls. The rest of the country is ‘third world’ in their mindset and outlook. Outside of an armed attempt to rid of their national chains, I don’t see it anything changing.

  3. I refuse to believe that….I won`t believe that statement.
    Today there is very little that I can say to contest your statement….But my “heart” refuses to accept that the will and the courage of the people of Cuba is gone and dead.

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