Castro thug attacks opposition member with machete

In Castro’s Cuba, the civilian thugs who patrol the streets for the dictatorship are taught to use whatever means necessary to defend the Castro regime. Through the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), thugs watch, report, and often times attack dissidents and opposition members.

In Caimanera, Cuba, one of the heads of the CDR went after opposition member Ernesto Carrera with a machete, and now Carrera is hospitalized because of the wounds received during the attack.

Via DIARIO DE CUBA (my translation):

CDR leader assaults opposition member with machete
Ernesto Carrera

The Christian Liberation Movement has denounced that Ernesto Carrera Moreno, a human rights activist in Caimanera, Guantanamo, was assaulted with a machete by a leader of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), which left him hospitalized with serious injuries, including “a fractured skull.”

The activist was assaulted on Friday night by Willian Valverde, a member of the vigilance section of the Municipal Headquarters of the CDR in Caimanera.

Carrera Moreno presenta fractura de cráneo, la mandíbula zafada y varios puntos en todo el cuerpo, según la denuncia de Rogelio Tabío López, presidente del Movimiento Resistencia y Democracia,Carrera Morena has a fractured skull, a dislocated jaw, and required stitches all over his body, said Rogelio Tabio Lopez, president of the Resistance and Democracy Movement distributed by Oswaldo Payá.

“At this moment the leaders of the national directorate of State Security are at the hospital,” added Tabio, referring to the provincial hospital in Guantanamo.

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