How the Castro regime operates

Juan Tamayo reports in the Miami Herald that through WikiLeaks we learn how the Castro regime’s agents used a Coast Guard official at the U.S. Interest Section as their point man.  Another example of how the Castro regime maneuvers and attempts to circumvent protocol in order to promote its interests.

WikiLeaks: Coast Guard officer is key U.S. man in Havana

MIAMI — The most effective official in the U.S. diplomatic mission in Havana may well be a U.S. Coast Guard officer who’s technically a counter-drug specialist but is sometimes approached by the Cuban government for some back-channel diplomacy.

Cuban officials have contacted the Coast Guard officer on sensitive issues such as migration negotiations and Washington offers of aid in the wake of hurricanes, according to U.S. diplomatic dispatches that WikiLeaks obtained and shared with McClatchy.

Contact between the drug interdiction specialist and Cuba’s Interior Ministry is “generally viewed as one of the more fruitful and positive between the U.S. and Cuban governments,” one of the dispatches noted.

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