Cuba Experts Bequeath their Expertise on Alan Gross Case


From earlier this year:

“Phil Peters, a Cuban analyst at the Lexington Institute, said Gross could face a quick trial, which would allow the Cuban government to present its case, and perhaps allow for a “political solution.”

“Wayne Smith, the former U.S. diplomat, says he expects Cuba to “do the right thing” and release Gross after the trial.”

“Phil Peters, a longtime Cuba expert who is vice president of the Arlington, Virginia-based Lexington Institute, said he too saw Cuba freeing Gross soon.”

“The odds are the guy is going to get convicted, that’s not hard to predict,” said Peters. “But I don’t believe that the Cuban government has an interest in holding him in jail for the long term.”

Just in: Cuba’s top court has rejected the final appeal of a U.S. government contractor sentenced to 15 years in prison, despite appeals from top American officials for his release.

3 thoughts on “Cuba Experts Bequeath their Expertise on Alan Gross Case”

  1. It has only begun. He will either be traded for one or all five of the spies, or as a way to get Obama to drop more restrictions.
    castro has nothing to gain otherwsie short of a moral victory or getting even for the spies.

  2. Peters is like the weather people predicting “50% chance of rain.” Who the hell needs that kind of “expert”?

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