The Fidel Castro computer virus

Evil always finds a way to invade all aspects of life:

Despite Email Scam, Fidel Castro Not Dead

Don’t believe the reports: Fidel Castro is not dead, despite the best efforts of Internet scammers.

Researchers at the security firm Sophos have spotted emails currently spreading on the Web claiming that the former dictator of Cuba died in his home after a sudden heart attack.

The messages, which appear to come from Chile’s “24 Horas” news site, announce Castro’s death in Spanish, and, most importantly, include a picture that lures in victims by purporting to have exclusive video about the breaking news story.

The image, as with almost all email scams, is the lure, and clicking it automatically drops a Trojan horse on those who fall for the bait; the Trojan horse is capable of downloading more malware onto victims’ computers.

To keep your system safe, Sophos recommends you avoid clicking on any so-called breaking news links about Castro you receive via email, and keep your computer outfitted with up-to-date anti-virus software.