‘Cuba Expert’ calls for more appeasement

A simply brilliant strategy in Time Magazine by “Cuba Expert” Peter Kornbluh to induce the Castro dictatorship to release their American hostage, Alan Gross:

[…] The best-case scenario is Cuba’s unilateral release of the 62-year-old Gross, who has lost 100 lbs (45 kg) in jail since his December 2009 arrest for subversion, and whose 27-year-old daughter has been diagnosed with breast cancer. But if Cuba is waiting for a U.S. goodwill gesture in advance of a humanitarian one, Gross’ horizons look darker. The Obama Administration insists, for example, it won’t release as part of a swap any of the five convicted Cuban spies currently sitting in U.S. prison. And it’s pressing on with the USAID-financed democracy-promotion program for which Gross was a subcontractor, which it insists only “helps the Cuban people connect with the rest of the world” by delivering computers and cell phones to the island, but which Havana says seeks to topple Cuba’s communist government.

Still, notes Peter Kornbluh, senior analyst and Cuba director at the independent National Security Archives in Washington, D.C., “It could take quite a political dance to get Alan Gross released.” And toward that end, Kornbluh and numerous other Cuba analysts I’ve spoken to since Gross exhausted his legal appeals on the island last Friday, August 5, say there is in fact one “legitimate, defensible” thing the U.S. can offer that would hasten the American’s freedom. That is, remove Cuba from the State Department’s list of states that sponsor terrorism.

Cuba, which has been the object of a U.S. trade embargo since 1962, is certainly not recognized as a paragon of human rights. But only the most hardline anti-Castroites believe Cuba belongs with Iran, Sudan and Syria on State’s current roster of countries that aid terrorism – especially since far more worrisome nations like North Korea and Libya were recently taken off it. Most analysts agree Cuba is on the list to appease powerful Cuban-American politicians like U.S. Senator Bob Menendez of New Jersey and U.S. Representative and House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, a crucial swing state where Cuban-American voters still have some clout. “It’s senseless,” says Kornbluh. “The campaign against terrorism is the last place you want the stain of electoral politics to intrude.”

Two important points to note here:

First, it still does not fail to amaze me how “Cuba Experts” continue to have the gall to propose appeasement to the Castro regime as a solution to this hostage situation. The Obama administration’s unilateral concessions did not work. In fact, appeasement has never, ever worked with the Castro dictatorship. And yet they still continue to shamelessly promote it as if it were a viable and credible solution.

Second, not only is there no mention in this article of how the Castro regime provides support and shelter for terrorist organizations such as ETA and FARC, they attempt to portray the Cuban regime’s documented and proven connections with worldwide terror organizations as some far out fantasy being espoused by “hardline anti-Castroites.”


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  1. What the hell does someone named Kornbluh have to say to any Cuban about Cuba? It’s beyond absurd, not to mention unbelievably insulting, though of course Cubans are not his target audience. Same shit, different asshole.

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