An important message for Cristina Kirchner

Via Facebook (my translation):

“Ms. President, the next time you interrupt our regularly scheduled programing to talk about poverty, malnutrition, infant mortality, the homeless… Please, have the common decency to take off the ROLEX “Lady Datejust” with diamonds valued at $42,000 dollars.”

H/T Zoé Valdés

6 thoughts on “An important message for Cristina Kirchner”

  1. Cretina is a disgrace, but the real problem is those who vote such people into power and keep them there. She’s either very vain or very insecure, although despite all the fancy duds, heavy make-up and so on she still looks like a piece of burnt toast. Some people say she has a “complejo de india,” which sounds plausible, especially in a country which has always considered itself more European than Latin American. In any case, it’s the same old hypocrisy and brazen two-faced bullshit, but as long as people put up with it, it’s hardly going to stop.

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