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From Juan Abreu’s entry 862 on his blog Emanaciones (my translation):

“There are those who say that banning the concert of Milanes would end up benefiting the dictatorship. Yes my friends, we have to demonstrate that we are the democrats, the we are the good guys. It has been a long time since I have read something so ridiculous. So you are telling that after half a century of a ferocious dictatorship, of horror, of the total absence of liberty, work camps, executions, tens of thousands imprisoned and assassinated, after the incalculable number of deaths at sea, after burying those who drowned in Miami, after the airplanes shot down, after the tugboats sunk, after all of that, now we are obligated to demonstrate that we are the good guys?
“My answer to that is a simple one: Go to hell.

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  1. I agree with Asombra–the savage sarcasm of the piece builds up at length in Spanish–I don’t know if it would communicate as well English. Alberto you should have translated the whole post, just to see if the tone carries across. Thanks for a great laugh, Juan!

  2. Very well said Mr. Abreu, but you might have included the theft, looting and pillage, often at gunpoint. perpetrated upon untold thousands of Cubans who actually worked for what they owned.

  3. Abreu says, dripping with contempt, that besides giving Crying Piggy a hug, exile Cubans should also suck his enormous man-tits (“Aconsejo, ya que estamos en eso, chuparle también las enormes tetas”). To which a commenter on another blog replied, with equal contempt: “No, coño, que esas tetas son de Fidel” (Hell no! Those tits belong to Fidel!)

    And Elemaza, be sure to read Abreu here:


  4. Abreu is a writer based in Spain who was a personal friend or Reinaldo Arenas. “No tiene pelos en la lengua” (he takes no prisoners) and typically goes for the jugular, since the idea is to draw blood. He’s very good at it.

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