Castro regime not happy with ‘State Sponsor of Terror’ designation

The dictatorship of Raul Castro is not happy that once again the U.S. has designated their tyrannical government as a state sponsor of terror. According to the Castro regime, and some “Cuba Experts,” the U.S. is being silly designating the criminal and murderous dictatorship of the Castro brothers as sponsors of terror just because for the past 52 years they have assisted, harbored, armed, plotted with, and financed international terrorist organizations.

Cuba Criticizes U.S. Terrorism Report

Cuban state media have criticized a U.S. decision to keep Cuba on its list of countries considered state sponsors of terrorism.

The official website Cubadebate on Friday said the U.S. used “old, unprovable arguments” in its annual Country Reports on Terrorism 2010, published Thursday.

The United States has listed Cuba as a state sponsor of terrorism since 1982. The 2010 report also includes Iran, Sudan, and Syria on the blacklist, which bars them from receiving economic aid and other benefits from the United States.

The report says there is no evidence Cuba has severed ties with the Colombian rebel group FARC. It also says some members of the Basque militant group ETA live in Cuba.