Libya’s Not Exactly A Done Deal Democracy in The Making

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Some of the more knowledgeable writers at National Review weigh-in on how the “kinetic” operation has transpired and what might be next for the Libyan people in a post-Gadhafi country.

Gadhafi has either taken his fabulous wardrobe and found a spider hole within or outside of Tripoli, or will soon be enjoying the hospitality of any number of his good and dear dictator friends around the world, such as Chavez or Castro.

Right now, as everyone wants to rejoice, or spit their last pro-Gadhafi breath, in the downfall of the Libyan regime (including the heir apparents to the father), you find the idealistic media-types imagining the country of Libya will somehow just naturally transform into a Western version of democracy. A would be draft version of a new constitution for the transitional state of Libya sure looks and smells a lot like Sharia Law. But I don’t believe it is unseemly in the face of those applauding and assuming “democracy” in this latest chapter of “Arab Spring” to inturrupt with the query ‘Okay, great … exactly what now?’ … Who and what is replacing the Libyan snake that we knew, and exactly how will they be different than the previous snake? And by that I mean they are not obligated to practice diplomacy with anyone, let alone the West or the NATO allies. Nor are they obligated to be grateful for the NATO/US support in ditching the dictator. What’s the plan here? Can we really trust those on the ground storming Tripoli? I mean, it is not the height of insanity to expect at least partial answers to these questions before even going “kinetic”.

And while there are those tempted to give credit to Obama for the ousting of the dictator by simply “voting present” with NATO pulling most of the burden in Libya, the next big question is what lingering damage has the “lead-from-behind” Obama kinetic tactic done with NATO? Murky though it was, the USA’s NATO alliance is who and what our ongoing Afghanistan War depends on.

On a side note, what are the odds of a second Nobel Peace Prize for Obama?

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3 thoughts on “Libya’s Not Exactly A Done Deal Democracy in The Making”

  1. A second peace prize? Not if he keeps bragging about Cairo and all the others yearning to breathe free. Oy.

  2. “Who and what is replacing the Libyan snake that we knew…?”

    “…and exactly how will they be different than the previous snake?”

    They won’t bomb airliners, german discos, provide safe haven for militants, rule their own people from a dictatorship, kill prisoners by the thousands, kill dissidents abroad, shoot citizens in the streets with anti-aircraft weapons, etc… They will not be a perfect western-style democracy, but they will be a better partner of the west and more democratic than the previous dictatorship. So, it’s a net improvement.

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