Privileged FRIENDS backstage at Milanes Concert!

Left to right: Cuban Music “Expert,” Pablo Milanes, ACLU Civil Rights “Expert,” John de Leon, Obama administration Economic Impact on Minorities “Expert” Joe Garcia. And (bona-fide) expert on hustling for Castro regime, Hugo Cancio.

Backstage passes for Milanes’ JAM-PACKED!!! show must have been a bitch to cop? But –by golly–Joe Garcia sure managed to finagle one!


(Pero que tipo mas desagradable y sinverguenza este Fontova! No vive en Miami, y no tiene el minumo vinculo con las politicas de este vecindario–pero le encanta meterse en estos lios y aumentar el pleito solamente para servir como un tremendo JODEDOR!–pero que tipo was DESCAR’AO!)

8 thoughts on “Privileged FRIENDS backstage at Milanes Concert!”

  1. And Joe Garcia is the guy that Jorgito Mas Santos put at the helm of the defunct CANF? No wonder it went belly up. What a dimwit that Jorgito was. Talk about the enemy within.

  2. Humberto,

    Me think you’re some kind of spy, lol.

    Keep it up and you’re going to expose Joe Garcia’s Castro connections.

  3. They say a picture is a thousand words and this is the perfect example that belongs front page in the Miami-Herald (but I know I’m dreaming because the Herald would never dare to print it) and guaranteed that Joe Garcia won’t be able to run a lemonade stand in this town (let alone try for any elected office post).

  4. Hey, it’s a photo-op. A failed wannabe desperate to be somebody can’t be too choosy. Besides, slime attracts slime.

  5. asombra,

    Slime is too kind of a term to pin on Joe Garcia. The more I witness his actions over the years (and what he did to the CANF) the more I suspect he’s a Castro operative.

    I suspect one day the truth will be finally out and it won’t be pleasant to Joe.

  6. John de Leon threatened Henry Gomez and I with defamation lawsuits five years ago for posting on the Internet espionage accusations against Marifeli Perez-Stable. Read all about it here
    He never delivered on his bluff. Meantime, Silvia “Flippity” Wilhelm, de Leon’s friend, sued Lt. Col. Chris Simmons for similar allegations in 2009 but after giving a lengthy deposition
    in which her bank statements were requested, she quickly dropped the lawsuit after paying her attorney more than $100,000 in fees and costs.

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