Cuban regime finally releases women protestors

The two Cuban women democracy activists who took part in a daring public protest against the Castro dictatorship in the center of Havana have been released from prison. Ivonne Malleza Galano and Rosario Morales de la Rosa started banging pots and yelling anti-dictatorship slogans in a crowded plaza in Havana before they were arrested by State Security and kept isolated from their friends and families who were left unaware of their condition or whereabouts.

Finally, the regime released the two courageous women on Sunday.

Net for Cuba has the report (my translation):, 29th of August — Ivonne Mayesa Galano and Rosario Morales la Rosa, the two women who took part in a protest at the Mercado Unico Cuatro Camino in Havana on Friday and were arrested by State Security, were released on Sunday according to Hablemos Press.

“I have just been released; I am beaten up. I was beaten all over my body,” said Morales after 1 pm on Sunday.

She said that “State Security agents brought me to the home of Mayra” Morejon, a Lady in White who resides in the Plaza de la Revolucion municipality.

Minutes later, Mayesa confirmed that she had be released. “I am proud of what we did. This is not the last protest. We are going to continue demanding the rights of our people,” she said over the phone from the home of Mayra Morejon.

Malleza, who is 34, and Morales 49, took part in a spontaneous protest in front of hundreds of people who yelled “Liberty” this Friday in the vicinity of the the capital’s largest agricultural market.