Hezbollah in Cuba–Egg on Netanyahu’s and Peres’ faces?

Che’s daughter, Aleida, cheering Hezbollah rockets aimed at Israel

A year ago many prominent Israelis seemed smitten with Fidel Castro. “I thank you from the bottom of my heart,” wrote Israeli President Shimon Peres to Fidel Castro on Sept. 24, 2010. “I must confess that your remarks were, in my opinion, unexpected and rife with unique intellectual depth. Your words presented a surprising bridge between a harsh reality and a new horizon. You tried to sail to bigger seas, to show that a small geographical size doesn’t have to reflect human smallness.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not to be outdone: “The remarks attributed to Castro demonstrate his deep understanding of the history of the Jewish people and the State of Israel.”
Now this:

“The Italian daily Corriere della Sera is reporting that Hezbollah is setting up a base of operations in Cuba in order to extend its ability to reach Israeli targets in Latin America

Our friends at Townhall help inform with items that should really, REALLY be better known on New York’s Upper East Side and in Israel–especially by Israeli leaders!

(Fijense que estas noticas the Hezbollah en Cuba son muy–pero muy–importante para la seguridad de Israel y tambien los Estados Unidos. Pero fijense come este Fontova– en ves de informarnos mas sobre los detalles–saca viejos quotes de Netanyahu y Peres nadamas que para rub their noses in it”–pero que tipo mas jodedor y PESA’O, este Fontova!!!

6 thoughts on “Hezbollah in Cuba–Egg on Netanyahu’s and Peres’ faces?”

  1. Ok, let’s see now. The Castro Mafia provides will provide bases and training to Hezbullah (or whatever you want to call them) for launching attacks on Israelis in the Western Hemisphere.

    Now, what does Israel do when they get attacked? Do they sit there and say, “better not do that again or else we might come after you”?

    If, this is true, and suspicions come to fruition, this would be an excellent oppty for Israel to abide by that Bible verse that they are know for following religiously – except do what the Castros have done (in reverse)! I’m sure that they could find a more than a few Cuban-‘Hizubullahs’ to finally put an end to that half-century nightmare, with a well stocked pile of Uzis.

  2. Pro-Castro Cuban Jews Bernardo Benes and Max Lesnick, both also Israeli citizens, are not making comments about this.

  3. Could that fat imbecile daughter of Che have a more stupid and detestable face? Talk about a face I would love to smash. 52 years of unpardonable fraud at gun point, robbery, civic abuse, governmental slavery, destruction and all with a smile and a fist in the air. An while she praises her psychopath father’s criminal Stalinist aberration the sack of crap doesn’t live under her father’s decrepit oppression but lives off of it, with privileges and in luxury, of course.

    Are we to think the Cuban state pays this maricona with the her father’s faced worthless currency, aka play-money, as it pays the population to then charge them in foreign capitalist currency? It really gets my blood boiling.

    By the way, yeah, were is Steven Spielberg on this one?

    Benjamin Netanyahu on the other hand is someone I tend to like, he was just too stupid to fall for it. Let’s see if he finally realizes the reality of the material.

  4. As for Netanyahu, I expect he fell for a mirage or an illusion because he wanted it to be true and/or because he thought he could encourage “good” behavior by praising it. Unfortunately, Castro, Inc. is congenitally incapable of good behavior, so there was actually nothing to encourage except, perhaps, opportunistic dissembling.

  5. Throughout recorded history and before that any power that tried to destroy the Jews in the end was itself destroyed.
    So far this is without exception.
    This may be the beginning of the beginning of the end for Islamism.
    It may also be the beginning of the end for the Castros. I just have a hunch.

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