Miami Lawyers send warning letters to Castro officials

Via Punt de Vista (my translation):

Letters sent to Cuba warn of future legal proceedings
A group of Miami attorneys, Willy Allen, Ricardo Martinez Cid, and Santiago Alpizar, have sent a collection of letters to Cuba to warn that evidence is being compiled so that in the future it can be used in judicial proceedings against persons who have participated in the repression of peaceful opposition members in Cuba.

The attorneys explained that the letters were sent via DHL and through the postal service to the Council of State, the Interior Ministry, as well as the police stations of the National Revolutionary Police (PNR). The letter calls for the end to the mistreatment of opposition members and warns that all acts of repression are being documented.

Attorney Willy Allen stated on the program A Mano Limpia, that this initiative was inspired by what took place when the Berlin wall fell and STASI officials were detained and sent to trial, or in South Africa with the experience of the truth commissions.

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  1. I am sure that Cuban State Security has a file with photos of Willy Allen shaking hands with the Castro brothers and in other compromising situations. Turncoat Rev. Manuel Espinosa told me that they photographed each dialoguero on the receiving line with Fidel. There was a very tense moment when Raul Castro spotted the diminutive Francisco Gonzalez Aruca and loudly exclaimed: “Mira Fidel, aquí está el que se nos escapó de la Cabaña.” No one was sure if he was joking or serious, especially Aruca, who fled la Cabaña in 1962 dressed in drag and high heels.

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