Of Jugs and Jugheads

Jane Fonda (warning) likes to fancy herself a righteous activist. We all know Jane from her romantic NVA gun-straddling days during the Vietnam War as those pesky American POWs insisted on being tortured, starved, beaten, and killed. But what you probably don’t know is dear Jane is pining for the one she let get away. Who might that be? Well, that heartthrob centerfold for all capitalist-fed and protected leftist/liberal Marxist wannabes … Che Guevara, of course.

And Bob “I never met a blood-stained Marxist thug I didn’t like” Beckel must’ve wanted to make a Jane Fonda sandwich with old “Don’t shoot! I’m Che!” (Or maybe a Che sandwich with dear Jane?)

I want to say, ‘They don’t know Che’ … but the horrific fact is they do, and it is exactly why they lust after him. He touches their inner vampire. I think what pisses me off about all these Che Guevara necromongers is how they willfully and spitefully look past the death and oppression spawned from the man’s bad seed in Cuba. And forget about any support and understanding, let alone outrage, from an alleged “feminist” over the treatment of women activists in Cuba. Sexy, huh?


Seems the only people who pine for and adore Che Guevara are those who never have or never will have to live under the brand of freedom he fathered and bastardized in Cuba.

14 thoughts on “Of Jugs and Jugheads”

  1. So wait, Fox now even employs someone who calls Che a “freedom fighter”!*

    * Which I guess is technically true if you read it as him fighting away freedom.

  2. This Bob Beckel is more of an asshole that I ever thought. I cannot believe Fox News employs such an idiot on the Cuba subject.

    Looks how he attacks Batista while totally ignoring the murders committed by the Castro brothers.

    Typical of the ignorant attitude of liberals naming Batista the dictator and Fidel the president. After 52 years of the Castro tyranny horrors it is inconceivable that there are so many idiots still our country’s media country making such imbecilic statements.


    You should send him a free signed copy of your book to Bob because he needs some serious education on the subject at hand. The only issue is whether Bob will care to read your book and accept the truth.

  3. FFC, Humberto shouldn’t even waste the stamp. Beckel would just dismiss it as “Miami exile lies” – the favorite tactic of the idiot left. Because ya know, people who fled it, obviously don’t understand it!

    And what was with the others on the panel not refuting Beckel really? Plus instead of just flippantly saying 700 people, he should have held up a list of the 216 people the Cuban Archive has named that were Che’s victims. It makes you realize they aren’t just a statistic.

  4. I believe Che is burning in hell right now like he deserves …

    but even I wouldn’t FORSAKEN him to whatever is in this skanks vagina 🙂

  5. I stopped watching Fox News months ago and switched to the Internet for my news. I’m more informed now than ever, with an almost limitless source of information to chew on. The controlled media is a sham. Long live the Blogosphere!

  6. Never mind what Fonda thinks, says or does. It’s no more relevant than what some nameless drunk may rant about on a street corner. I mean, who the hell really cares about these insufferably conceited, ridiculously overblown and excruciatingly presumptuous celebrity blowhards? Apart from whatever talent they may have to entertain, assuming they have any, they mean absolutely nothing. The fact they’re deluded about their place in the scheme of things and can always find opportunistic or idiotic enablers does not alter reality. Taking Fonda’s political opinions seriously, whether about Che or anything else, is by definition NOT serious, and certainly not respectable. Of course, they bring her on because it’s ratings and buzz first, substance a distant second–assuming it matters at all.

  7. Beckel’s reading from a script, all right. Like any knee-jerk leftist, anytime someone brings up the crimes of the Castros & Guevara, Beckel brings up Chile, ignorantly asserting that the CIA “was complicit in the assassination of Allende.” Guess Beckel didn’t see this: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/07/20/world/americas/20allende.html in the New York Times, no less. Beckel apparently doesn’t even read his own side’s newspapers.

  8. I was talking to my father (who was not exactly a fan of Fulgencio Batista) yesterday about Beckel’s buffoonish assertion that Batista was a fascist, and Dad pointed out some interesting facts: That during the Second World War, when Batista was the elected President of Cuba, Cuba declared war on Japan on the very early date of December 8th, 1941, and declared war on Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy on December 11th, 1941. Throughout the war Cuba sold sugar to the United States at a premium price in order to support the American war effort. Considering the vital importance of sugar to the Cuban economy back in those days when Cuba actually had an economy, this was a significant sacrifice. By the way, if I recall correctly, didn’t the Cuban navy sink at least one German U-boat in the Gulf? So then-President Batista did much more to actually fight fascism than Bob Beckel ever did or ever will do. No matter how you feel about Batista (I’m not a fan either) slander is slander. He wasn’t a fascist. All this of course was several years before Batista’s ‘52 coup, which I doubt Beckel knows anything about either.
    And of course Batista’s ethnic makeup was not exactly what anyone could call “aryan,” very much unlike Fidel Castro, whose ethnicity is quite similar to that of his Fascist pal Francisco Franco.

  9. “Fascist” is, or has become, a generic term used very loosely, especially by leftists to describe practically anyone who is considered right-wing or conservative. It need not be historically accurate in any way; it’s just a fashionable and convenient slur.

  10. Is like the communist/lefties/liberals we have in politics now that like to call themselves “progressives” which happens to be a much softer term that hides their agenda and who they really are.

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