An appeal to Pope Benedict XVI to demand the resignation of Cardinal Jaime Ortega

I received this appeal via email, which respectfully demands that Pope Benedict XVI abide by the Canonical Rules of the Church and accept the resignation of Cuba’s corrupted and compromised Archbishop, Cardinal Jaime Ortega y Alamino on his 75th birthday.

Here is my translation:

For the GOOD and the FUTURE of the Church in Cuba, we respectfully ask the Holy Father Benedict XVI to ACCEPT the obligatory resignation of Cardinal Jaime Ortega upon reaching the age of 75 on October 18th, 2011.

We should remember that the resignation of the worthy and patriotic Cuban priest, Monsignor Pedro Meurice, was accepted on February 22nd, 2007, under the same Church Canonical Rule that only the Holy Father can obviate.

The International Pro-Cuban Catholic Church Movement

Send this petition to:

With a copy to: (The Vatican Nuncio for Cuba – Mons. Bruno Musaró)

Let our feelings be known at the highest level, now more than ever!

The email addresses are above — cut and paste the text and send the email. Let the Vatican and the Pope know that the Cuban people do not deserve to continue suffering under an Archbishop who feeds his flock to the wolves. They need a man of God, a man who is committed to justice, not expediency and a friendly relationship with an atheistic and murderous dictatorship at the expense of the Cuban people.

The original Spanish version is available below the fold.

Por el BIEN y el FUTURO de la Iglesia en Cuba, le pedimos respetuosamente al Santo Padre Benedicto XVI que le ACEPTE la renuncia obligatoria al Cardenal Jaime Ortega, al cumplir 75 años el 18 de octubre de 2011.

Recordemos que la renuncia obligatoria se le aceptó al sacerdote digno y patriota cubano Mon. Pedro Meurice el 22 de febrero de 2007, por la misma Regla Canónica de la Iglesia, que solo el Santo Padre puede obviar.

Movimiento Internacional pro Iglesia Católica Cubana

Enviar esta Petición a: (que es la nueva direccion de Papa Benedicto XVI y

copia a:                       (que es la dirección del nuevo Nuncio del Vaticano en Cuba – Mons. Bruno Musaró)
Hagamos saber nuestro sentir, al más alto nivel, hoy más que nunca !!!

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  1. There’s no question Ortega will resign, as required by canonical law at age 75. The only issue is whether or not the pope will accept his resignation.

  2. It would also be helpful to petition the Holy See to not appoint a Bishop of Cuba until Cuba is finally free. Unless, it is a person of proven pure heart and intentions towards the people of Cuba!

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