You Know, Jay … Just So We’re Clear Going Into The 2012 Election Cycle

Pretty much everyhting I have said since January to this point, including this current “Labor Day” episode, regarding colorful political battle rhetoric post-Tucson shooting is laid-out at HotAir, so I’ll just say, “Ditto!”

The background on what is being discussed between ABC’s Jake Tapper and Obama’s apologist Jay Carney is here.

But you have to give a huge kudos to Jake Tapper for pushing and pressing on this particular issue, because since the 2008 election cycle (including the 2008 democrat primary race) there has been a double standard and hypocrisy with what is and isn’t acceptable political rhetoric (and as we have see since 2008 ANYTHING said in opposition to Obama or his agenda and/or policies is “racist”) … with the democrats and liberal MSM and opinionators given carte blanche and a free-ride pass on rhetoric, and no accountability for whatever they say.

It is all Obama and his party have left in the approaching 2012 election. They are still stinging with loss and fear from the November 2010 tsunami of defeat from local to state to the national levels. But it’s not just that. It is the fact that his brief moment on an Ohio front lawn with a man known as “Joe the Plumber” has been laid open for nearly three years for more, if not all, to witness. The man is a socialist. Since he said he would change the United States of America more people have awakened to exactly what he meant. And those awakened people want nothing to do with this man’s vision for our nation.

Something tells me Barack Hussein Obama was never told, “NO!” when he was a child, or at any other time in his life. And therein results the temper tantrum we are now seeing, mostly directed at the TEA Party right now … But to be elevated to probably the most filthy campaign in recent history to be carried out by his team, the democrats, and the MSM. What Tapper is rightly doing here as one of the last remaining actual journalists is to get these people in the burning spotlight, call them on the carpet early for the double standard, and attempt to hold their feet to the fire over the course of the next year of campaigning for re-election.