Bill Richardson played for a Jack-Ass by Castro

“What was that again, Senor Richardson? Did you say something about Mr Gross?…Sorry I didn’t catch it…ADIOS!

Former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson said Tuesday that he would leave Cuba after exhausting all possible avenues to try to win the release of a jailed U.S. government subcontractor, adding that he was treated so poorly he doubted he could ever come back to the island as a friend. ” “I have been here a week and tried through all means — with religious institutions, diplomats from other countries, all kinds of efforts — and I see that this isn’t going to change..There were no demands. It was just an outright rejection of even a dialogue on what could be done.” (Bill Richardson regarding his Cuba trip)

“The case has crippled attempts to improve relations between Washington and Havana, and the treatment of Richardson by Cuban officials is sure to be a fresh blow. Richardson said he told the Cubans that if Gross were freed, it could be the impetus for renewed dialogue on a host of issues between the Cold War enemies.

“For elements in the Cuban regime to try to embarrass one of the senior American leaders in foreign policy either leads one to think no one is in control, or those that are in control are trying to work against finding any positive solutions,” (Joe Garcia) said.

Elementary my dear Watson: What’s in it for Castro? “Positive solutions” to exactly what? he’s snickering

“Why dialogue?” he’s laughing. “What “host of issues” could we want improved? Right now the cash-flow from the U.S. to us ( remittances and travel) totals $4 billion a year. Our tourist facilities are probably maxed out at the moment and remittances amount to “free money” for us. Beats the hell out of exporting cigars which entails costs. Even beats the $3.5 -4 billion in annual Soviet subsidies we used to get that came with strings attached. So right now we’ve got the best of all worlds. The carrots just keep on coming, with no stick in sight. What the hell did Richardson think he could offer us?”


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