“Yo No Voy!” snarls Bill Richardson

“So where’s the Vigilia Mambisa recruiting office?” asks embittered hard-liner Bill Richardson

“Unfortunately after this negative experience, I don’t know if I could return here (Cuba) as a friend,” (Bill Richardson, Sept. 13)

Bill Richardson’s “negative experience” in Cuba– in case you haven’t heard– consisted of getting stood up for an appointment. And because of this he’s completely soured on ever returning to Cuba.

So now I cup my ears towards the MSM and their pet Cuba “Experts”….but I do not hear Bill Richardson denounced as a “hard-liner”….as an “embittered crackpot”…as a “vindictive troglodyte”….as a “close-minded intransigent”….as a “block-headed revanchist.”???

Yet people whose “negative experiences” with the Cuban regime included getting their loved-ones murdered by firing squad, eaten alive by sharks, tortured in jail cells for the longest period of any political prisoners in MODERN HISTORY–who had their life ‘s earnings and all their earthly possessions stolen at Soviet gunpoint–now THESE absolutely insufferable people?????

Why just let any of THEM claim “no voy!”–and FUACATA! The MSM and their pet Cuba “Experts” are ALL OVER them as “hard-liners”, “embittered crackpots,” “vindictive troglodytes,” “close-minded intransigents” “hot-headed revanchists,” who block-headedly refuse to “move forward.”

Absolutely Un-Freakin-Real

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