Cuba’s Ladies in White redefine themselves as a Human Rights Movement for all Cubans

The Ladies in White, made up of the wives, daughters, and sisters of Cuba’s political prisoners who march every Sunday in support of their imprisoned family members, have redefined themselves as a Human Rights Movement in support of all the repressed people of Cuba.

Via Martí Noticias (my translation):

The Ladies in White redefine themselves as a more comprehensive movement

Their struggle will include everything that results in a violation of the human rights of Cubans.*300/bertaylaura.jpg

Everything that results in a violation of human rights, an infringement of individual liberties, and an absence of democracy will be a cause for struggle for the Ladies in White, Laura Pollan has declared from Havana.

After eight years demanding liberty for the 75 opposition members imprisoned in 2003, the Ladies in White have evolved into a national movement for the defense of human rights, liberty, and democracy in Cuba.

The group of women declared to Radio Marti this past Sunday that they will never surrender to the repression of the Castro regime, and that they will continue marching every Sunday as part of their peaceful struggle.

Laura Pollan, one of the leaders of the women’s group, explained the new mission of the movement, and added that not only will they continue marching in Havana, they will also march all over the country.

Pollan stated that hard times with increased repression are ahead for the Ladies in White movement, but they accept the challenge and dream of the day when all Cuban women will be Ladies in White.