Detained Lady in Support Yelena Garces transferred to a prison

Via CUBA ENCUENTRO (my translation):

Lady of Support Yelena Garcés transferred to a prison

Her husband, Miguel Rafael Cabrera Montoya, has also been detained. The couple has a 2-year-old child

Lady in Support Yelena Garces was transferred this past Monday to the Mar Verde women’s prison in Santiago de Cuba, declared her sister Aimee Garces to CUBAENCUENTRO.

According to the activists, agents informed Yelena that she would remain in prison until the trial against her for the alleged crime of attacks commences. “They told her that it could be anywhere from one to three years in prison,” added Garces.

Yelena Garces has been in jail since September 8 at the third police unit in the city of Santiago de Cuba. And her husband, Miguel Rafael Cabrera Montoya, has been held at the police unit of Versalles since July 28th.

Garces stated that “Yelena looks strong, dedicated, she knows she is being unjustly imprisoned.” “She asked me to take care of her son, to not leave his side, to go see him every day; to support her husband, who has been on a hunger strike for 23 days,” she added.

Cabrera Montoya has been 23 days “without ingesting any food other than water,” said Garces, who is also a Lady in Support and delegate of FLAMUR-Cuba, in Santiago de Cuba.

The activists said that she was able to see her sister yesterday after she was given permission for a 15-minute visit before they took her to the prison.