Report from Cuba: Peaceful marchers arrested and detained by Castro regime

Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia reports from Cuba via Hablalo Sin Miedo on the Castro regime’s arrest and detention of non-violent human rights activists attempting to engage in a peaceful march in Cuba.

My translation:

Jose D. Ferrer regarding opposition members detained for attempting to conduct the March Boitel-Zapata Live – September 20, 7:15 AM

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Bayamo, Cuba: 6 members of the opposition have been detained at police stations this past Saturday after attempting to carry out the Boitel-Zapata Live march. Among those detained are Yoandris Gutiérrez Vargas, Yoandris Montoya Avilés and Manuel Rey Carvajal. Jacqueline García, cell 5353 40 12 21, is the source of this information.

Holguin, Cuba: Of the opposition members arrested yesterday when they attempted to join together in the Boitel-Zapata Live march, these remain detained at the police stations: Caridad Caballero, Marta Días, Isabel Peña, Delbis Martínez, Arcel Cruz, Aurelio Morales, Denis Pino, Juan Carlos Verdecia, Pedro Leiva and Alexander Nang. Esteban Suárez, phone 024 45 14 23, is the source for this information.

This is Jose Daniel Ferrer Garica, coordinator for the Patriotic Union of Cuba.

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