Castro regime seeks prison for human rights activists for chanting ‘Down with Fidel’ — More peaceful opposition members arrested

While more peaceful human rights activists were arrested in Cuba, the farcical judiciary of the Castro dictatorship is seeking prison terms for ten members of the opposition for the alleged crime of chanting “Down with Fidel” and “Down with Raul” in public.

In the meantime, the international press continues its singular focus on the cosmetic reforms called for by Cuba’s communist party and ignoring the real reforms taking place on the island that have produced an increase in violence and brutal repression. It is a “reform” under the supposed leadership of the “moderate” Raul Castro that you will not hear one “Cuba Expert” extoll, let alone dare mention in public.

Via DIARIO DE CUBA (my translation):

Prosecutors say ten opposition members will be tried for yelling ‘Down with Fidel’

Another twenty arrests have taken place in Holguin in the last few hours.

According to Santiago de Cuba province prosecutors, ten opposition members will be tried in court for yelling “Down with Fidel” and “Down with Raul.” The prosecutors have ordered the incarceration of the opposition members at prisons in Aguadores and Mar Verde.

“The count has risen to 10 opposition members in Palma Soriano: six in provisional prison since August 28, and now four more,” said former political prisoner Jose Daniel Ferrer Garcia to DIARIO DE CUBA.

The most recent cases include Reinaldo Rodríguez Martínez, José Batista Falcón, Héctor Labrada Muñoz, and Yelena Garcés. This last one, a mother of a 2-year-old boy, has been threatened by the regime to have her child taken away and sent to a state institution.

Prosecutor OlgaVirgen Despaigne Correoso is accusing them of “violence and disorderly conduct.” Another three detainees awaiting charges in a provisional prison.

Arrests in Holguin

In the last 24 hours there have been 20 detentions in the northeastern area of the island in the cities of Holguin, Antilla, Velazco, San German, and Cacocum.

Among those arrested is opposition member Franklin Pelegrino del Toro, who engaged in a hunger strike in 2010. Pelegrino will be “processed” soon, said independent journalist Luis Felipe Rojas to this news daily.

“There will no longer be a march, but the people have organized groups to present themselves at the police stations where dissidents remain held as of now,” said Rojas.

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