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Upon his release after more than two years in an Iranian prison, American “hiker” Shane Bauer offered this statement: “Two years in prison is too long and we sincerely hope for the freedom of other political prisoners and other unjustly imprisoned people in America and Iran.”

Seriously? Someone held in Iran’s notorious Evin Prison for two years for and released on a half-million dollar bribe (called “bail” for political purposes, of course) after being charged with spying for walking on the wrong side of an undrawn line in the desert is suggesting moral equivlance between those whom America imprisons and those, including hundreds of political prisoners, in Iranian jails, not least Evin?

Given his statement, a little more information about Mr. Bauer will certainly not surprise: He is a freelance journalist working for New America Media which describes itself as “the country’s first and largest national collaboration and advocate of 2000 ethnic news organizations.” A quick scan of the group’s web page shows the left-leaning bias you would expect. And you’ll be even less surprised to learn that Bauer “graduated with honors from UC Berkeley with a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies.”

From this I draw a few conclusions:

  • From this I draw a few conclusions:
  • The far left really does hate America.
  • Parents, please don’t let your kids go to Berkeley.

There is absolutely no chance that Shane Bauer is a spy…at least not for the United States.

I have one more conclusion to add the three above: progressives are morons.

7 thoughts on “Hopeless”

  1. “There is absolutely no chance that Shane Bauer is a spy…at least not for the United States.” No kidding. What an idiot. I’m glad he’s safe but you can’t save someone from stupid.

  2. So, did he utter a word about what it cost US taxpayers to bail his stupid ass out of trouble he should never have gotten into? Any regret or remorse over that? Sorry, now I’m being stupid. I pity the fool (assuming he’s no worse than that).

  3. asombra,

    The Sultan of Oman payed the bail.

    When I watched him on the news making that statement I immediately got the drift on that Bauer character.

    My goodness, what a waste of Oman’s money liberating this idiot. He should root in that Iranian jail for his stupidity.

  4. This whole thing smells of things to be suspicious about.
    I don’t see them rotting in any Iran prison. These are not idiots. If spies they are, it is for Iran.

  5. Well, if the sultan paid the ransom, I’m glad it was someone who can afford it. For him, that was probably like shelling out fifty bucks.

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