“The Self-Deception of the Left”

American Thinker has an excellent article titled “The Self-Deception of the Left” that I would have renamed “The Seff-Delusion of the Left,” because that’s what the left is: deluded and 100% wrong. As always.

[…] So, how can the left possibly defeat a movement (the Tea Party movement) that they do not understand and, worse, that they purposely misunderstand? Can a pro basketball team win a championship if they never study their opponents? Can they expect to win if they never scout, or watch a single game tape, or study the strengths and weakness of their opponents’ key players? Obviously the answer is no.

Now the great thing for the Tea Party and America is that the left is spending billions…to deceive themselves! How cool is that? We Tea Party activists literally could not buy such a great tactical advantage given to us by the Baghdad Bobs of the liberal misinformation corps like the HuffPo, Media Matters, MSNBC, and Michael Moore! If this were a military engagement, it would be like the Japanese being told by their own leaders that America has no Navy, no Army, no Air Force, no leadership, and no industry.

To show how this works, just look back on the history of the Tea Party and the innumerable success to this date along with the tons of misinformation. Remember Obama saying that he was unaware of the Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C.? Remember the media saying there were thousands of people at the 9-12 march when there was close to 800,000 in attendance? Remember Pelosi calling the Tea Party astroturf? Remember every Tea Party rally’s total attendance being underreported if it was reported at all? Remember the scorn and derision?

Well, it was all to our advantage, my friend, because they “misunderestimated” their opponent, and that is the greatest tactical error you can make. History is full of examples of the effects of underestimating you opponent. Some examples are highlighted in the book Arrogant Armies: Great Military Disasters and the Generals Behind Them, by James M. Perry. Underestimating their opponent is the greatest weakness of the liberal juggernaut that includes academia, the media, Hollywood, organized labor, and the White House. […]

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1 thought on ““The Self-Deception of the Left””

  1. May they forever be underestimating us and may we grab big wins in 2012.
    I don’t know if there were 800,000 in Washington on 9/12/11, but I was there. At the end of it I asked a policeman what he thought of this demonstration and how did it compare to others.
    He told me he had been doing this for 25 years and he has never seen a bigger demonstration or a better behaved one.
    So does that mean Obama had fewer than 800,000 at his inaugural? Not to listen to the liberal press. I think I read somewhere that he had four million. In a pig’s eye.
    I believe there were two million of us. But what do I know?

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