Netanyahu: I Didn’t Kill The Peace Process, Mr. Clinton

Bill Clinton has tried to pawn-off blame on Israel and PM Netanyahu for the failure of peace in the Middle East. I recall Clinton’s last attempt before leaving office to finally broker a peace between Israel and the Palestinians. I recall Israel offering everything being asked of them, and then it being refused. That is when I was convinced there could be nothing short of Israel and the Jews completely disappearing to be an acceptable “peace agreement” for the Palestinians. Bibi isn’t ignoring the former American president’s assertion…

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HT and more @ HotAir, where Ed Morrissey points out:

Plus, it’s important to catch Clinton’s modifier of that statement, “in the West Bank.” Even if the Palestinians did return to the negotiating table and offer the exact same deal that Arafat rejected — which is unlikely in the extreme — the situation on the ground has changed significantly. The PA no longer controls Gaza, and Hamas continues to rain thousands of rockets down on Israel from that territory. Now the PA has legitimized Hamas in the West Bank again with their deal earlier this year, which means that security arrangements in both territories have to reflect those new threats.

The correct response to Abbas is to tell him to stop talking to the UN and start talking to Netanyahu. Even Arafat managed to engage in direct negotiations.

Well, Bibi did point out yesterday that Abbas was in a position of best of both worlds, in that he is currently at the U.N., as is Netanyahu who is more than willing and able to sit down with him and talk…

6 thoughts on “Netanyahu: I Didn’t Kill The Peace Process, Mr. Clinton”

  1. Ah, Clinton. Still shameless, but what the hell, he’s done plenty well enough anyway, so why shouldn’t he be? After all, he’s a politician through and through, so no point in expecting any different. And of course, he’s trying to capitalize on Obama’s painful inadequacy to make himself look good, as in, “this is a REAL president talking here.” Spare me.

  2. The Jews on the left must not make the mistake of thinking how much better it might have been for Israel if Mrs. Clinton had been elected instead of Obama. Most of the president’s cabinet is Clintonistas. She may look more reasonable, but as a friend of Israel she is no better than Obama.
    Yes, Netanyahu must be diplomatic and call Obama a friend of Israel, but with such friends…

  3. Why is it that we expect and hope that the world reacts to the brutality that the Cubans are subjected to and we become incensed when there is no reaction, yet you guys have no empathy for the suffering of the Palestinian people when they are subjected to brutalities by the Israelis? The Israelis routinely demolish people’s homes out of sheer greed, the settlers kill and burn groves and crops, children are routinely shot by the glorious Israeli Defense Force, yet you guys salivate everytime Israeil is mentioned and swoon with love at the sight of those arrogant killers Natanyahu or Ariel sharon? Are you guys so dense that you haven’t realized how thoroughly brainwashed you have become?

    And if you have no empathy for the long suffering Palestinian people, if you’re so callous, fine, then how about what Israel has done to our country? It routinely spies on us, it yearly drains us of billions, it has killed American citizens, it has attacked our armed forces, it demands intelligence from us while supplying us with none, it has established a widespread network of fifth columnists. These aren’t opinions. These are facts.

  4. Count,

    I suggest that it is time to take your pro-Nazi, pro-Palestinian stances point to view to another site. You are beginning to fill our cup with this BS.

    The dense character is you that has forgotten that the State of Israel has been under constant siege from the Arabs since its inception in 1948 and its citizens have never experienced peace in their lifetime.

    You totally ignore the fact of how many innocent Israelis have died over the years because of Palestinian terrorist attacks and how many concessions Israel have given to the Palestinians over the years to no avail. The list is long and stained with the blood of the citizens of a state that has managed to survive against all odds.

    The truth is that is the Palestinians and the Arabs had the military power Israel has they would have overrun the Jewish state long ago and expelled all the Jews from Palestine.

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