Chavez secures Venezuelan hospital to treat FARC terrorist leader

Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez continues his support and complicity with the murderous Colombian terrorist group FARC.

Via Americas Forum:

REPORT: Chavez officials clear Venezuelan hospital to treat FARC terrorist leader
Colombian terrorist leader of the FARC, Alfonso Cano, is reported to be receiving specialized treatment in Venezuela hospital.

CARACAS – On Thursday, three Venezuelan congressmen, Leomagno Flores, Abelardo Díaz and Homero Ruíz, told the newspaper El Universal that the Chavez regime had intervened at the Central Hospital of San Cristobal on behalf of Alfonso Cano, a Colombian leader of the FARC terrorist group.

Leomagno Flores, one of the deputies who disseminated the information, told El Universal: “We have reliable information that a room is being readied at the Central Hospital that will ‘host’ a senior official of the Revolutionary Armed Forces Forces of Colombia (FARC), and that senior official is believed to be Alfonso Cano.”

According to the report, Cano was to receive urgent medical treatment, and more ominously, patients had been put at risk to make space for a ‘covert operation’ to slip the terror leader into the hospital’s specialized burn unit.

The decision to move the leader of the FARC to the Central Hospital of San Cristobal, according to the congressmen, was because there is catscan equipment and a high tech burn unit that is not available elsewhere in Venezuela that could safely accommodate a wanted terrorist without government protection.

The congressman stressed the fact that the eviction of security guards from the hospital was even more alarming. “They kicked out the police and the most skilled people in the hospital [that were not allied with the Chavez government] because they were running this like a covert operation” to help a terrorist, Flores told the newspaper.

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