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Great item on Yahoo! News about Herman Cain:

[…] Cain said the run for the White House is his toughest challenge yet–and it’s been anything but boring. Despite the frustrations of running a national campaign, you can tell he’s enjoying it. But it doesn’t take much to get him riled up.

After a few caffeine-heavy refills at our corner table, I asked him about President Obama’s new effort to raise taxes on the wealthy, and Cain just about blew a blood vessel–especially when I mentioned the part where Obama says it’s about “math” not “class warfare.”

“Can I be blunt? That’s a lie,” Cain said, before the sound of his voice began to rise noticeably higher. “You’re not supposed to call the president a liar. Well if you’re not supposed to call the president a liar, he shouldn’t tell a lie. If it’s not class warfare, it’s highway robbery. He wants us to believe it’s not class warfare, oh okay, it’s not class warfare. Pick my pockets, because that’s what he’s doing!”

Cain paused, took a breath and looked at me.

“I’m not mad at you, I just get passionate about this stuff,” he said. “I have to tell people because I get so worked up . . . . I’m listening to all this bullshit that he’s talking about, ‘fairness’ and ‘balanced approach’ to get this economy going.”

As anyone who watched the past couple of debates knows by now, Cain has his own plan that he says would steer the country out of its economic downturn. He calls it the “9-9-9 Plan,” and it would replace the current tax code with three flat, nine-percent federal taxes on income, consumption and business.

“With 9-9-9 guess what? How many loopholes?” he said, tapping his fingers on the table like a drumroll. “None. Everybody gets treated the same. What a novel idea.” […]

That’s why he resonates with so many folks.

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  1. I like Cain, but originally he was for the Fair Tax which abolishes the IRS. Now I guess it sounds cooler to say 9, 9, 9. He says it is a first step.
    I will accept this if we get both houses of congress on our side. And if it has a provision that to raise any rate there must be a 3/4 vote in both houses for it. I will accept it if Cain means that as soon as feasible, there will be efforts to change it to the Fair Tax entirely, in the first year of his administration if possible. Because if he doesn’t and we get dems in, forget about it.

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