Bolivia’s ‘indigenous’ Evo Morales orders crackdown on indigenous protestors

In the end, dictators care only about themselves and maintaining power. Irregardless of his indigenous ancestry, Evo Morales will do whatever it takes to secure and safeguard his iron grip on power, even if it means brutalizing his own people.

Via Americas Forum:

‘Indigenous’ President Evo Morales orders crackdown on indigenous marchers in Bolivia
Bolivian police take two indigenous women and their children into custody to break up protest march.

YUCOMO, BOLIVIA – President Evo Morales came to office in Bolivia as the country’s first indigenous president, winning the votes of most of the country’s large indigenous population. But that support may be waning amid reports of a government crackdown on a protest march over the weekend.

As indigenous protesters took respite in a camp during a long-distance march to the captial of La Paz, Bolivian police entered the camp with truncheons and tear gas and stopped the group 150 miles short of their goal.

Bolivian news agencies are reporting that children have been separated from parents as the protesters were loaded onto government buses, supposedly to take them back to their hometowns.

The violent nature of the crackdown has led the country’s ombudsman, Rolando Villena, to condemn the action as “excessive force,” saying, “Injured children, disappeared mothers who didn’t want to separate from their children – this does not speak well of our democracy. This is not democracy.”

Bolivia’s Defense Minister, Cecilia Chacon, actually resigned in protest over the crackdown. Chacon sent a letter to President Morales giving notice of her “irrevocable” resignation, saying, “I do not agree with the decision to intervene in the march and I cannot defend or justify the measure when other alternatives existed.”