Senator Marco Rubio to write autobiography

Senator Marco Rubio has announced that he will be writing an autobiography. Some might say this is a step towards an eventual presidential run; let’s hope that is the case.

Marco Rubio to pen autobiography

From Florida House speaker to U.S. senator to vice-presidential short-lister to … best-selling author?

Marco Rubio, the West-Miami Republican tea party favorite, is about to write about his life story, his political thoughts and the story of his improbable victory last year in the Senate race vs. former Gov. Charlie Crist.

“I think we have something to say,” said Rubio in what might be the biggest understatement from one of the most eloquent elected conservatives.

“I’d like to tell a little bit about my upbringing, and how my upbringing has led me to some of the policy conclusions I’ve reached,” he said. “And I’d like to tell about the campaign, my time in the Legislature.”

Rubio, 40, not only carries the conservative message with a perfect pitch, he represents an idealized version of the American dream as the son of immigrants who rocketed to political stardom in just a few years.

If the response of conservatives to Rubio’s political message and career are any measure, he’s sure to pen a financial hit.

“I don’t know about the rich part. People have to buy it,” Rubio laughed.

So far, he doesn’t have a publisher. But a dozen are interested and he has one of the most influential representatives when it comes to political autobiographies: Robert Barnett, lawyer with the powerhouse Washington firm of Williams and Connelly.

“The publishing community has expressed great interest in Sen. Rubio, in his personal story, in his campaign and in his views,” Barnett said, adding that a portion of the book’s profits will be donated to Florida charities.

Rubio’s in good company when it comes to Barnett’s clients, who include Barack Obama, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, first ladies Hillary Rodham Clinton and Laura Bush, Sarah Palin, Vice President Dick Cheney, journalist Bob Woodward, a handful of entertainment figures from Shania Twain to Barbra Streisand. Not to mention international leaders from Britain’s Tony Blair, the prince of Wales, Jordan’s Queen Noor and Pakistan’s Benazir Bhutto.

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