A blast from the past

The excerpt below was written over fifty years ago by Frank S. Meyer National Review. Nothing, it seems, has changed with the liberal “mind”: it is still as stultified and dense as it ever was…

[…] The entire situation remains incredible. One has to pinch oneself to accept what is happening as reality. Nor can it be explained simply by talking in general terms of the refusal to face reality and the facts of power that are so characteristic of the Liberal outlook which forms and guides our foreign policy. After all, if you set up a machine gun a few hundred feet from a Liberal’s home and announce your undying affection and affinity for a powerful gang which has repeatedly made clear that its intention is to rub him out at the earliest possible moment, even the Liberal would ordinarily take some steps to eliminate you — unless, of course, you could prove that you were a certified juvenile delinquent, whose actions were a helpless response to “an unfortunate social environment” and whose subservience to a murderous gang was all that one could expect, given the failure of society to provide everyone with a guaranteed annual income, a college degree, and a happy married life.

Ideological images can always blind the Liberal to reality. As a sadistic criminal becomes a “juvenile delinquent” to be “understood” and sociologized when the magic words “underprivileged,” “deprived of love” are uttered, so a thrust forward into our vitals by the international Communist power machine becomes a phase in the great world revolution of the “underprivileged peoples.” True, many of the Liberals have had second thoughts about Castro and the Movement of July 26. They do begin to recognize that something has gone wrong with their rosy dreams of Caribbean George Washingtons and Thomas Jeffersons. But these are peripheral thoughts; they do not dispel in the slightest the fog screen set up by the magic slogan, “people’s revolution.” […]

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