Castro’s Granma describes pre-revolution Cuba, ends up describing Castro’s Cuba

Punt de Vista found an interesting article in the Castro regime’s Granma newspaper, which attempted to describe pre-revolution Cuba in the era of Batista. One has to wonder if the writer truly realized what he was writing when he ended up describing what life in Cuba is today.

My translation:

“They brought a sizable increase in tourism and nightlife: the rich, the military elite, and the corrupt politicos of the dictatorship lived well, but the vast majority of the population did not enjoy the same good life… the misery was extreme; senior citizens and the handicapped living off the charity of the people. Long lines of men looking for work, and the extended anguish of thousands of women looking for employment as maids or prostitutes in bordellos or on the streets.”

1 thought on “Castro’s Granma describes pre-revolution Cuba, ends up describing Castro’s Cuba”

  1. Ahhh! He left out that nobody–but NOBODY!– jumped on rafts to escape Cuba back then–instead they used them to ENTER Cuba, mostly from Haiti and Jamaica. (But wasn’t Cuba under –“the UNSPEAKABLE!!”–Batista a horribly racist place??? Well…that’s what my professor told me?)


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