7 thoughts on “New photos of Castro’s vaunted health care”

  1. They should take Michael Moore on a tour of this facility so he could shove his Marxist, Socialist imbecilic tongue up inside his butt.

    On another note, this year I had a family member that had to have emergency surgery in Cuba and it had to be sent home way ahead of time (on doctors advice)in order to prevent the surgery wounds catching a serious infection because of the unsanitary state these hospitals are.

  2. Moore’s problem is not ignorance, just being a leftist agenda-driven SOB who needs to be “controversial” to stay in business.

  3. Have to hand it over to Fidel Castro, whatever he touches it turns into shit .

    His so much “touted” world class health system, “the state of the art” equipment and the “immaculate” facilities are consistent with he worst third country shit holes around the world.


  4. FFC, Moore isn’t interested in the truth, only in what he can use to his advantage. Cuba happens to be a convenient and useful trope for a lot of people, who don’t necessarily even like Castro, but are happy to use Castro, Inc. as grist for their mill.

  5. Despite the lowest expectations, I am still always horrified by the pathetic, depressing images that clash so violently with my childhood memories. Eternity will not be long enough for fucking vermin Fidel & Raulita to burn in hell.

  6. Unfortunately, Fidel and Raul are only the tip of the pyramid that crushed a once thriving, tremendously promising country into the miserable squalor of third-world failure and totalitarian hellishness. There were MANY other Cubans under them since the beginning, and it is THOSE Cubans who gave the pyramid its stifling, crushing weight. The true horror is largely made up of anonymous nobodies–the banality of evil. Cuba’s curse has been, principally, too many bad Cubans. The iceberg always has a tip, but there’s always far more ice underneath that.

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