Cuba Discovery Tours! (The Soviets were propaganda chumps!)


A Canadian Company is now peddling “Cuba Discovery Tours” to U.S. citizens through the U.S. “socializing and networking” company “Professionals in The City.” Capitol Hill Cubans hopefully will soon sic the U.S. Treasury Dept. on them.

Some other items from the ad and links caught my eye:

“Your tour is fully escorted by Cuban experts from the minute you touch down in Havana until you return home!” boasts the ad. “You’ll experience island history, social and ecological achievements first hand from Cubans.”

Among the testimonials from enchanted customers:

So many museums and not enough time to see them all! My favorite visit was to the Fortress of San Carlos de la Cabaña. We saw where Che Guevara set up his headquarters!” (headquarters for what? No further details provided.)

“A letter of commendation to our guide Mildred and bus driver Oscar for their hospitality, professionalism and brilliant ambassadorship. (all emphasis by intransigent poster)

“Above all, this tour was truly an education. If you go, your eyes and hearts will be opened, and you’ll come home with different outlooks on many issues.

In addition to expressing great pride in the country’s low crime rate, the Cubans that we met took great pride in their successful literacy campaign, and their high investment and emphasis on education and health care. Cuba was declared the first Illiteracy-Free Country in the Americas after its revolutionary victory.”

“The elevated status of women and health care for women and children were also areas that Cubans spoke of with pride.”

“Our guide, Reynaldo, an enthusiastic and ebullient man in his forties, was with us throughout the stay in Cuba!”

In other words the Obama regulations say: “NO! You cannot go to Cuba to booze, beach and carouse! You may only go, if you agree to be accompanied night and day by Stalinist apparatchiks who will relentlessly and successfully indoctrinate you! That way you’ll return and immediately start imparting the Communist lies to your students, friends, family, etc. Got it?”

How could openly hedonistic tourism be any worse?