Cuban political prisoners fighting back against their captors

Via Uncommon Sense:

10 Cuba political prisoners rebel against their captors

Ten political prisoners awaiting trial in the Aguadores prison in Santiago de Cuba are threatening to start a hunger strike if conditions in the jail do not improve.

The 10, who were arrested last month, have complained of a lack of water, overcrowding and inadequate medical care. To protest, they have decided to reject food provided by their authorities, and instead rely on what they already have. Once that’s gone, they will go on hunger strike, according to a story from

The 10 prisoners — some of whom are charged with “assault,” and all of whom are charged with “public disorder — are: José Batista, Reinaldo Rodríguez, Héctor Félix Labrada, Miguel Rafael Cabrera Montoya, Bismar Mustelier Galán, Alexeis Aguilsabal Rodríguez, José Enrique Martínez Ferrer, Alexis Kuan Jerez, Víctor Campa Almenares and Pedro Campa Almenares.