Cuban Guayaberas and Cuban Stories

There are three things that have kept Babalú going for all these years: 1) Our passion for a free Cuba, 2) our wonderful and faithful readers, and 3) our generous sponsors. Without our passion for Cuba, this site would have never existed, and without our readers, we would have disappeared into the graveyard of unread blogs a long time ago. And without the financial support from our sponsors, we could not have afforded to keep this website operating.

I wanted to take a moment today to introduce our readers to two of our newest sponsors: the My Cuban Store and author Maria Martinez with her new book entitled Cuban Stories (links available in the Pinar del Rio sidebar).

When you live in Miami, you tend to take guayaberas for granted. But for those who live far from South Florida, or those who want to have a guayabera themed party or wedding, My Cuban Store is the website to visit and the place to go. With a huge variety of guayaberas, My Cuban Store is your one-stop shop for Cuban Guayaberas.

Author Maria Martinez’ book, Cuban Stories, about people, terraces, food, revolution, and good-byes,” is the true, heartfelt story of a Cuban family from its days in pre-Castro Cuba to exile in the United States. This collection of memories spans pre-revolutionary Cuba, two years of living under Castro’s iron fist, and then an exodus into exile. It is a story shared by thousands of Cuban families, and Ms. Martinez’ account is one that will surely touch the hearts of not only those who experienced the same family upheaval, but also those unfamiliar with the Cuban exile experience.


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You can visit My Cuban Store HERE.

And you can order your copy of Cuban Stories, about People, terraces, food, revolution, and good-byes

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