Old Marxist Wind Bag Deflated

The two strongest things I gather from this brief snips of snipes from Fox-Piven are:

1. Not only is there a growing population of conservative students in our colleges/universities, but they are no longer afraid to voice their opposition

2. Given this is a private Christian college (Messiah College) hosting a very far leftist speaker, does it strike anyone else, the contrast, between how she is allowed to speak openly her views, as opposed to how conservative speakers are treated on other campuses? What does that say about those young adults in factories of higher education who are always the first to scream about “free speech”? It’s blindingly apparent in this situation these college students’ minds are ‘open’ to respectfully and politely listen to someone they don’t agree with.

Isn’t it cute how she uncomfortably struggled to convey her contrived platitudes to a group that obviously didn’t agree with her, and by the end was cornered, and even flustered, into backtracking on her false assertions that were strongly countered? You see, Frannie, THESE college kids really are educated.

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