Cuban songwriter and Castro propagandist, Silvio Rodriguez, defends master spy Ana Belen Montes

Via Café Fuerte (my translation):

Silvio Rodríguez defends the cause of Pentagon spy
Ana Belen Montes

Along with his ardent demands for the release of the five Cuban agents serving prison sentences in the U.S., singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez has added to his cause Ana Belen Motes, the high-ranging Pentagon official who over 16 years spied for Cuba.

On his blog Segunda Cita, Rodriguez advocated for the “humane treatment for Ana Belen Montes,” days before the ninth anniversary of her sentencing to 25 years in prison in a Federal court in Washington D.C.

“I will possibly be traveling this 16th of October. That is why I am posting this now, which I prepared days ago,” wrote the famous troubadour in a comment added in the forum.

The singer, who is 64, will be holding a concert at the “Antonio Maceo” Plaza in Santiago de Cuba to celebrate the 20th anniversary of his performance of “El Necio” before the delegates of the IV Communist Party Congress by invitation of Fidel Castro.

Rodriguez’ blog published a declaration given by Montes in court on October 16, 2002, in which she explained her motives for spying in favor of the Cuban government.

The military analyst said then that she felt “morally obligated” to help Cuba defend itself against attempts by the U.S. to impose its values and political system.

Rodriguez commented that after explaining the reasons behind her actions, Montes was still sentenced to 25 years, asking: “Is this humane?”

The artist – who is an ardent defender of the Castro regime – went futher and said that Montes, who is of Puerto Rican descent, “seems to embody the spirit of Ramon Emeterio Betances (1827-1898),” referencing the national hero of independence and symbol of the Boricua nation.

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  1. They finally did it, they murdered Laura Pollan…spies walking around freely in the streets of Miami and the “moderate” Raul killing older women.

  2. She looks like a seriously depressed lesbian to me. Definitely not “Dancing with the Stars” material. And Silvio (aka Nosilvió) should really be preparing his own defense for whe the time comes, though of course he’s not political or anything, just like Juanes.

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