The Growing Underlying “Kristallnacht” Behind OWS and The Media Malpractice Enabling It

In the last few weeks only the blogs have exposed the anti-Semitic/anti-Jews videos and photos of the vocal rhetoric and signs evident in the crowd known as “Occupy Wall Street” (with satellite protests throughout other major cities in the country). Here is the latest on video. What is even more chilling is the woman in the video claims she works with a school district in Los Angeles:

Ed Driscoll of PJM has more background on this nasty little fact, as does Abe Greewald of Contentions.

But remember, the TEA Party is racist. Clearly given the two ‘movements’ and gauging how the media has covered and portrayed them, the MSM has been and is being very dishonest on both counts … and perhaps even dangerous, as we watch and listen to MSNBC’s Donny Deutsch go completely unchallenged when he pines for an extreme pivotal moment with the OWS to take it to the next grown-up level

Imagine if somebody on FOX had contemplated on the air and said something like this, but with the TEA Party movement.

He doesn’t want this to come out the wrong way??? There is no other way for that meaning to come out. I was a kid living not far from Kent State University when that happened. My uncle was a student on the campus … in a wheel chair. What most people do not know is that the Kent State shooting wasn’t just some one day event. The SDS and other Weather Underground groups had been in the city of Kent for roughly a week prior to that day, doing pretty much what the OWS is doing on Wall Street. The streets were trashed. Businesses abused and even vandalized. The interloping groups that had bussed into Kent from across the country taunted and egged on the local police, and the National Guard, hoping for violence. The situation is very similar right now on Wall Street. These are hired, trained, and astroturfed groups, with some usually ignored street locals joining in for the attention and scraps thrown to them. To this day the left and the media lie about the entire context of the Kent State University shootings

These people at MSNBC are insane … This man, Donny Deutsch, is wealthy by most standards, and he’s armchair quarterbacking class warfare with this crowd … suggesting violence … from a seat at the news desk of a news network in this country?! Don’t forget, MSNBC led the post-Tucson shooting charge against Sarah Palin (for a political poster the shooter never even saw) and the extremist and racist TEA Party. The only thing missing in all of this is Helen Thomas leering deep into a camera lens telling the Jews to get the hell out.

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  1. Deutsch is a first-class ignorant moron; I was a kid during Kent State days + much like today, no one really knew what was behind the shooting until much later. Deutsch doesn’t know what the h*** he’s asking for — anarchy and revolt against cops, provoking a tragedy for the basest of motives. The chorus line fanning the flames of disorder is an old staple of the left, whether it’s against bankers, Jews, CEOs, or street sweepers. The media keeps sinking low, giving press time and relevance to a herd of soiled hippie retreads, victimization pimps, and other misguided souls who ignore that whenever repression is cemented, the first ones to hang from a radio tower are the journalists. Truth is, Obama hates Jews — just like he hates whites, hispanics, and Christians, except for the ones who give him $$$$$. His contempt just oozes out at unguarded moments – just watch it. He’s happy with the unwashed chanting his philosophy and promoting anti-semitism. It’s too bad he doesn’t know any history because picking on the Jews is the quickest way to sink his sorry self into the black hole of oblivion.

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