Herman Cain and the Democrat obsession with “racism”

It’s a little funny to watch, but in all honesty it’s very serious.

Herman Cain is doing very well in polling against Romney and Gingrich, routinely ending in first or second place. As a black conservative, he has become the target of liberal/progressives, not just for his positions and the “Tea Party” who supports his candidacy; he (and us) have become targets of one of the most inane, ridiculous, absurd and, frankly, desperate, attempts to paint us as sheet-wearing Klansmen who are supporting Cain because we hate blacks. Yes, that is their logic. Democrats seem to forget their own history: from the end of the Civil War through the Civil Rights Act, they were the stalwart defenders of every racist and segregationist policy in this country. They will never admit it because they can’t: their mental house of cards is too flimsy for so much truth.

Here is a sample from a lib columnist, Clarence Page, who is black, coming down on Cain:

Tea partiers are delighted that their support for Herman Cain proves they don’t hate black people. Unfortunately, judging by some of his statements, Cain doesn’t seem to like black people very much, either.

It says a lot about America’s racial progress that the former Godfather’s Pizza CEO has surged to first place with a 4-point edge over Mitt Romney in the latest NBC/Wall Street Journal poll — a poll that also gave Cain a 69 percent “favorable” score among tea-party backers.

Yet, one also wonders how much of the Hermanator’s rise has benefited from his trash talk about black people and other minorities. […]

Huh? What? “Trash talk”? Because he had the unmitigated gall to say he had left the “Democrat plantation”? The truth hurts, Clarence. Here’s a good counterbalance, from Blogmocracy, on another lib trash talking Cain, this time a fat white guy.

“Cain is pandering to white Republicans out there who don’t like black folks”

That’s what that fat bumbling fool Ed Schultz said on his pathetic MSLSD show that almost nobody watches, like all the other shows on that nutwork.

Are these libs that friggin’ stupid? Don’t they realize they sound like utter imbeciles to the average person with an IQ above that of, oh, maybe a houseplant?

Then again, no one with an IQ above that of a houseplant would want to be caught, dead or alive, watching the unmitigated garbage spewing from the foaming mouths of those detestable dunces on a nightly basis.

Just take some time to ponder what the moron implied about you, and I, and most normal Americans (which excludes libs): “Let’s see…I think I’ll vote for a black guy because I hate black people!”

Can someone explain to all of us what the hell sense that makes? […]

Ben Kinchlow, another black conservative, has a warning for Cain: the night of the long knives is just beginning.

Any unbiased observer watching the current Republican presidential contest is aware that Herman Cain is causing a great deal of heartburn for the far left. Recently, Cain was verbally assaulted by a college professor and a celebrity. It was an unprovoked assault owing to the fact that Cain had the “audacity” to imply that “brainwashed” blacks should be allowed to “think for themselves.” Apparently, this was highly offensive to the left, so it has resorted to a tactic used by those of us who were part of the more militant wing of the civil rights movement in the ’60s known as the Black Liberation Front.

As a revolutionary nicknamed Malcolm Z, I employed a tactic currently in use by the left today: Racial Rhetoric 101. Remember, white leftists cannot criticize blacks, as this negates one of their primary weapons in the battle against conservatives, the charge of insensitivity. Consequently, in the liberal arena, only blacks can belittle blacks publicly.

For us, the essence of Racial Rhetoric 101 was – fight facts with fertilizer, history with histrionics, and when all else fails, slam down the race card. Honky, cracker, and the old standby, racist, work best on whitey. (Avoid redneck. It’s been favorably co-opted.) “Racist” can also be used effectively as a modifier for pig, conservative, Republican, banker, homophobes, etc., etc., ad nauseam. For maximum effect, add dreads (dreadlocks) or a shaved head and a Fu Manchu mustache with chin hair. (Afros – though making a slight comeback – are still slightly passé.)

Herman Cain made a remark about “wandering off the Democrat plantation,” which is tantamount to using the “N-word” in polite liberal conversations. For those blacks who do wander off the Democrat plantation and become conservatives and/or vote Republican, the following are a few applied adjectives: Oreo, Uncle Tom, handkerchief head, “Clarence” (as in Thomas) or Rev. Pork Chop. Inviolate rule: These labels can only be applied to blacks by blacks. (Whites who do so run the terrible risk of being labeled conservative or worse – Republicans!) […]

It goes on and on. Read them all in full The three-ring circus of liberal politics is in full swing — and it’s only going to get worse as they get more desperate.

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  1. It’s not obsession, just opportunism and hypocrisy, and it’s worked very well for a long time. They’re not about to lose that kind of leverage, certainly not without one hell of a fight.

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