Herman Cain insulted by Harry Belafonte, who Hails Fidel Castro

“If you believe in people’s rights–you have no choice but to back Fidel Castro as long as it takes!”
(Harry Belafonte 2003)

Harry Belafonte recently denounced Herman Cain as a “bad apple” as a “false Negro” and as someone “denied intelligence” and “denied a view of history.” (whatever that means.) His host Joy Behar snickered her approval of Belafonte’s every vocalization, often before they were decipherable.

“If you believe in justice,” vocalized Mr Belafonte in an interview with Cuba’s propaganda ministry years earlier, “if you believe in democracy, if you believe in people’s rights, if you believe in the harmony of all humankind—then you have no choice but to back Fidel Castro as long as it takes!”

If only Herman Cain were a lily-white Stalinist whose regime murdered more people in its first three years in power than Hitler’s murdered in its first six, jailed and tortured political prisoners at a higher rate than Stalin’s–including the longest suffering black political prisoners in modern history. If only Herman Cain proposed policies to plunge a nation more prosperous than half of Europe’s into one that repels Haitians. If only he’d driven into exile—even with machine-gunners and Tiger Sharks as dutiful border guards– 20 per cent of the population from a nation formerly flooded with immigrants.

Instead Herman Cain spent most of his life creating wealth and promoting freedom. He personifies the antithesis to the disaster and horror known as Castroism. This grates on Harry Belafonte.

These these lily-white sons (Fidel and Raul Castro) of a European Imperial soldier (Angel Castro) who butchered Cuban patriots for pay by the King of Spain, forcibly overthrew a Cuban government where Cuban blacks had served as President of the Senate, Minister of Agriculture, Chief of Army, and Head of State (Fulgencio Batista a grandson of slaves who was born in a palm-roofed shack in the Cuban countryside.) These blacks had all served elective and appointed office in a nation 72 per cent white, by the way.

Not that you’ll learn any of this from the liberals’ exclusive educational source on pre-Castro Cuba: the Godfather II movie, which is probably still an improvement over what the Ivy League Teaches.

Our friends at Townhall help inform with items relentlessly repressed by the MSM.

Oye pero lo de este Fontova ha llegado a un RELAJO!–a un DESCARO!-a una GRAN ESTAFA!. Fijense que come el bien sabe que Herman Cain esta “Hot” en las noticias de este pais, entonces Fontova (el muy sinverguenza) pone su nombre en el titutlo de su articulo–Pero resulta que el articulo se trata mas de Angel Castro, Eusebio Penalver, Oscar Biscet, Zapata Tamayo, Fulgencio Batista, etc.!–personas a quien nadie -pero NADIE–en este pais les importa la historia tres pepinos!…pero que tipo mas DESCAR’AO!, este Fontova!

2 thoughts on “Herman Cain insulted by Harry Belafonte, who Hails Fidel Castro”

  1. All these celebrity (or former celebrity) “moral guides” and would-be redeemers of mankind should really be ignored, if not laughed at, but here’s my opinion on Mr. Banana Boat:

    Belafonte, as a singer, was largely a glorified musical novelty, and the novelty (calypso music) was borrowed, not original. His standing, such as it is, is based much more on politics, especially racial politics, a wagon he got on early and has been riding ever since. Otherwise, he would have been forgotten long ago as a mere footnote in pop music history. However, political correctness/fashion and the race card can get one pretty far. To my mind, he’s the musical equivalent of Billy Dee Williams, though with far greater pretensions and/or a much bigger chip on his shoulder. Obviously, anything he thinks or says regarding Cuba is beyond irrelevant, not to mention presumptuous, but we all know any fool or tool with an agenda can pontificate as a Cuba expert and be accepted as such by the usual suspects–it’s an old and tiresome story. Belafonte, at least with respect to Cuba, is actually rather sad–delusional arrogance always is, among other things.

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